About us

"We commissioned EGCV to build a huge spiral staircase out of concrete. Terry built the frame out of wood - and the team used it to create a really superb and surprisingly elegant staircase, which was then tiled."

- Alex Charles,
Roujan, Languedoc



"They're a team of experts - rather than a group of contractors. So they work better and faster together."

- Meg Brady, Cazedarnes

EGCV, builders in Languedoc, was launched in 2002 by Ilie Oloieru. Over the years, he built up a good body of experience around the Béziers area, working on both new-build properties and renovating old village houses.


In 2010, he teamed up with American architect and carpenter Terry Verley, who added English-speaking design and permitting services to the mix. Today, Terry handles English-speaking clients for this team of builders in Languedoc, ensuring the team are crystal clear about what the client wants.


Terry works closely with clients to develop design solutions that produce better-looking results, having had years of experience both renovating old properties and designing new ones. Terry is also a carpenter, and is often commissioned by clients to build everything from simple book cases to spiral staircases.


EGCV are a team of building experts, covering a wide range of disciplines. Ilie oversees the building projects, and is also a registered plumber and electrician. Other members of this team of builders in Langiedoc have expertise in tiling, plastering, painting and roofing.


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